A Collective of Independent Hairdressers





INTRICID is an innovative hair salon that offers a unique and personal experience based on each salon guest's desires. The sounds of indie dream pop and the clean-lined minimalist decor add to the soothing and unique ambiance. Continually learning new techniques from top educators in the beauty industry nurtures the quality of salon services.

INTRICIDhas teamed with ARROJO, an independent company based out of New York, to bring a distinctive experience in hair care. The creative nature of ARROJO along with it's multi-award winning hair designs, techniques, education, and products bring a noticeable style and sophistication to INTRICID as well as salon guests.

As a part of the ARROJO Ambassador program, INTRICID exclusively uses Goldwell hair color. The partnership between ARROJO and Goldwell fosters the exceptional quality that INTRICID is able to offer salon guests. Goldwell's focus is on fulfilling the highest requirements regarding innovative, effective technology and up-to-the-minute style of their products. INTRICID is thrilled to share the ARROJO and Goldwell culture with salon guests.


ARROJO Product


INTRICID is proud to be the first salon in Mississippi to stock ARROJO product, an independent hair care brand created by Nick Arrojo.

For seven seasons Nick was the hair stylist on TLC's What Not to Wear, and has a long history of product development for the likes of Wella and Bumble and Bumble, before creating his own line, which is now used professionally at ARROJO Studio, a multi-award winning New York City hair salon synonymous with excellence and integrity.

ARROJO product is a contemporary, performance-driven concept. At it's core is Vitamin B5. The most sophisticated active ingredient (fact) available in hair care. It's proven to moisturize, create shine, anti-oxidize, smooth the cuticle, promote hair growth and cell production, and improve scalp circulation. Vitamin B5 adds strength and vitality, fullness, body, and sheen for all people, and for all types of hair. 

What truly sets this brand apart, however, is its modern-day versatility. In alignment with a desire to make hairstyling personalized, creative and fun, there is a shampoo and conditioner combination for every hair type, while each styling product is purposely made to have cock-tailing potential, multi-functional uses, features, and benefits. 

Modern, functional, fashion-forward, ARROJO product empowers each person to find the freedom to create beautiful shape and style.


Salon Policy:

All prices are subject to change and vary depending on individual stylists, product usage, and extent of labor.

Corrective Color: Price is quoted upon consultation and reflects the price of each individual service required. 

Children are considered 13 and under.

If booking an appointment more than 2 weeks in advance, your service time is held tentatively. You may be contacted to reschedule your service. In the event this may happen, we do our best to keep the appointment within a week of your tentatively held appointment. 

If you are running late or cannot make your appointment, please contact your stylist. We are happy to help reschedule your service, however, If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment, it could result in a service compromise or reschedule.

If you are not satisfied with your service, please contact your stylist directly within 3 business days of the given service. We are happy to work with you to ensure your satisfaction, however, each stylist is an individual business renting workspace from INTRICID. Thus, It is at the discretion of your stylist if a redo or refund is applicable. We do not offer refunds on color services.